Fibre Optic Test & Tooling

Fibre Optic Test  & Tooling
Precision made for quality Fibre Optic preparation and termination 4LAN can offer all of your requirements from stripping, cleaning, cleaving and fusion splicing your OS2, OM3 and OM4  fibres
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Fibre Optic Cleaner

Fibre Optic Connector Cleaner Cleans Connector Ferrules with 800 Times SC/ST/FC 2.5mm Or L..


Fibre Optic Cleaving Tool

Fibre Optic Cleaver High quality precision made 125 micron Fibre (Singlemode/Multimode) ..


Fibre Optic Fusion Splicer FS01

Fibre Optic Fusion Splicer 5" LCD Colour Display Core Alignment Average Splice Time 9 sec Av..


Fibre Optic Kevlar Scissors

Kevlar Scissors Lightweight perfect for kevlar  Stainless Steel blade Serrated edges ..


Fibre Optic Microscope 400x

Fibre Optic Microscope 400x High Precision Inspection Tool Handheld 400x Magnificatio..


Fibre Optic PON Power Meter

PON Power Meter PM501 FTTX Optical Power MeterSCA Interface Voice, Video & Data 1310nm..


Fibre Optic Stripping Tool

Fibre Optic Stripping Tool 3 precision grooves for perfect preparation 600-900 micron ..


Fibre Visual Fault Locator

Fibre Visual Fault Locator 2.5mm interface 650 Laser light 20mw  Perfect for loc..


Kim Wipes

KIM WIPES  Box 280 Sheets Essential for Fibre Preparation Cleans away Contamination ..


Light Source 1310nm/1550nm

Fibre Optic Light Source Optical Light Source Singlemode operation 1310nm/1550nm 270,..


Light Source 850nm/1300nm

Fibre Optic Light Source Optical Light Source Multimode operation 850nm/1300nm 270, 1000 ..


Optical Power Meter

Fibre Optic Power Meter Insertion Loss Test Singlemode/Multimode Operation FC..